Just launched – Misean Cara Annual Report 2023!

In 2023, Misean Cara and its members played a crucial role in delivering life-transforming projects to vulnerable people around across the global south, allocating €13.6 million in funding to support 321 projects in 52 countries targeting 1.9 million people.

Implemented by 52 Misean Cara member organisations, these projects delivered critical, often long-term impact to communities across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East by upholding rights to climate-resilient livelihoods, access to better healthcare and quality education, mobilising excluded people in the promotion of their human rights, and by providing emergency assistance in times of crisis.

At the launch of the Annual Report at Misean Cara’s 2023 AGM in June, Misean Cara CEO, John Moffett, commented “One of the highlights in 2023 for me personally was the quick response of members to the sudden earthquake in Turkey and Syria in the early part of the year and the solidarity demonstrated to provide funding support to those members on the ground in Syria who were able to act as first responders and support the survivors of a truly devastating disaster.”

2023 Impact Highlights include:
• Climate Resilient Livelihoods
71,520 people in more than 16,000 households had improved livelihoods and family income
• Quality Education
112,107 students had improved access to quality education
• Better Health
More than 1.5m people accessed quality healthcare
• Human Rights
Over 1.4m people in 26 countries learned about their human rights and how to access them
• Emergency Assistance
32,783 people received assistance for sudden onset emergencies

To view and download the 2023 Misean Cara Annual Report please click here.

At the AGM, Mr Moffett acknowledged the generous funding received every year from Irish Aid to support Misean Cara and its members. Irish Aid is the primary donor to Misean Cara. Learn more here about Irish Aid support to Misean Cara.

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