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Misean Cara is an international and Irish faith-based missionary movement working with some of the most marginalised and vulnerable communities in developing countries. We are working to realise their human rights through delivery of basic services in the areas of education, health, livelihoods and income generation, as well as advocacy, networking and community mobilisation. Our movement is made up of 88 member organisations working in over 50 countries.

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As women and men acting as healers in a broken world, missionaries are inspired by a common belief in a compassionate God who cherishes all creation. Missionaries hold as core ideals the call to respect the dignity of each human being, the universal destination of the goods of the earth, and the primacy of the common good. Their dedication, capacity, learning and resources are the foundation for a collective mission to force the dawn of a more just and sustainable world.

Misean Cara and our members work collectively and individually through the missionary approach to development. This values-based framework has five defined values: respect, justice, commitment, compassion and integrity. Together these establish the basis for the shared approach of missionaries to good development practice. Our members live and work long-term in communities in some of the world’s most impoverished and disadvantaged regions. They work in the areas of education, health, income generation and livelihoods, environmental sustainability and human rights.

Misean Cara members also respond to emergency situations around the world. When disaster strikes a vulnerable community where our members are present, they are able to respond and mobilise resources to help those affected. Having strong relationships of trust means that relief can be quick, targeted and effective. Click here to learn more about the Misean Cara Emergency Fund.

Misean Cara is a Company Limited By Guarantee.
Registered in Ireland No. 381117.
Charity Registration No. 20055325.
Revenue CHY No. 15772.

Registered Office at
563 South Circular Road,
Kilmainham, Dublin
D08 EP8E, Ireland.

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