Corporate Partnership

Your company can help transform the lives of those living in extreme poverty, fighting human injustice or educational disadvantage and those severely affected by climate change.

How your company can help:

  • Charity of the Year nomination
  • Staff payroll giving
  • Staff fundraising
  • Sponsor a project
  • Support a specific need that aligns with your company’s ethos – Wwe work in the areas of health, education, human rights, income generation, environmental sustainability and humanitarian response

Women's Livelihoods in South Sudan

In South Sudan, many people depend on food relief to fill the gaps in what they can produce and buy. However, food relief was not enough to prevent hunger amongst Angelina's family of ten. To help families like Angelina's, Misean Cara supports projects that empower women in agriculture to become self-sufficient in farming, ensuring that they have a sustainable income and food in the future.

After completing the 'Improving Food Security, Nutrition, Income and Health' project of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Angelina can now provide for her family and earn an income. In her own words, Angelina says "I feel proud, I feel empowered, I feel happy that my family can now have two meals a day and I don't rely anymore on food relief."

Photo: Congregation of the Holy Spirit

Women’s Livelihood initiatives are just one example of the many life-changing projects we need help to support. Please get in touch with Jennifer to see how we can work with your company to make a difference

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