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Misean Cara Climate Action Awards

Climate change is having an especially heavy impact in developing countries. Poor and marginalised people suffer the most from lasting environmental and economic damage caused by severe weather, drought, erosion and biodiversity loss. This deepens social inequalities that threaten health, safety and livelihoods for millions already on the margins.

In 2015 Pope Francis published his encyclical Laudato Si’, urging ‘Care for our Common Home’. In response, Misean Cara members are helping local communities become more resilient to the effects of climate change. This is being achieved by adopting sustainable farming methods and promoting cleaner fuels for heat and cooking. Livelihoods are also being bolstered by climate-friendly jobs that are less affected by the impact of climate change on local economies.

The Misean Cara Climate Action Awards were launched in 2020 to celebrate these projects and inspire others like them. They are presented to people and projects whose innovation and commitment is reducing the impact of climate change on communities in the developing world.

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