What we do

Misean Cara members are committed to promoting the dignity and wellbeing of those furthest behind and aiding their access to essential resources and basic rights. To ensure that the support we give members has the most impact, our efforts are focused in five key areas: Education, Health, Sustainable Livelihoods, Humanitarian Aid, Human Rights and Member Capacity Development.


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the developing world especially hard. Since it began in March 2020, Misean Cara members have faced unprecedented challenges in delivering their services. However, living among the people they serve, our members were ideally placed to see the immediate impact of the pandemic and could respond quickly to the needs of their communities.

Misean Cara also reacted quickly to support our members. We identified additional funding to help them stop the spread of the virus. A dedicated COVID-19 Fund was also set up to help them react to the pandemic’s secondary impacts. These include hunger, school closures, lost livelihoods and increases in gender-based violence.

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