What Do Missionaries Make of the Latest GEM Report on Non-State Actors in Education?

The latest UN Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report (for 2021/22) gives an analysis of the role and impact of non-state actors as providers of education in global development contexts. In a recent blog authored by Misean Cara Project Officer for Human Rights & Advocacy, Eamonn Casey, he looks into the reaction of missionaries to this latest GEM report, highlighting areas of agreement and concern alike on the role of faith-based organisations in providing education around the world. Eamonn’s blog appeared as a publication of the GEM Report on the UNESCO ‘World Education Blog’ website, which you can access here.  

Misean Cara is a member of the Irish Forum for Global education (IFGE) a network of civil society actors, NGOs, teacher unions, education providers, faith-based and missionary organisations, professional associations, academics and individuals concerned with education inequities and issues that impact on development at a global level, with a particular concern to people living in middle and low- income countries. IFGE hosted a national launch of the 2021/2 GEM Report on February 10, 2022.

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