Catholic Sisters Week 2024

Each year, from March 8-14th, Misean Cara celebrates Catholic Sisters Week by recognising and celebrating the contributions that Missionary Sisters have made, and continue to make, around the world. Through long-term commitment to communities in need – sometimes over decades- Missionary Sisters work for the common good and dignity of all people with development projects in education, health care, livelihoods training and social justice.

Our remarkable Sister-led member organisations, and the projects they undertake, play a pivotal role in shaping vulnerable communities worldwide.

Join us during Catholic Sisters Week as we spotlight the invaluable contributions of Misean Cara missionary sisters. These women, driven by a deep sense of compassion and faith, have ventured far and wide to bring their support and commitment to communities in need around the globe. Whether working in remote villages, urban centres, and even during times of crises, epidemic or natural disasters,  missionary sisters exemplify the essence of compassion and service, embodying the teachings of their faith through their impactful and often challenging endeavors.

Below you’ll find links to stories and testimonials about just a few of the many Sister members of Misean Cara. Read on to learn more and find out how you can support the work they do.

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