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Learning Briefs

Misean Cara has produced thematically-focused Learning Briefs that draw on internal and external evaluation and research work conducted over the past few years. The Learning Briefs draw upon a large number of detailed reports, with the aim of distilling key findings and points of learning that may be valuable to our members and those in the wider development sector.


  1. Learning Brief 2020/01: Transformative Child Safeguarding; Learning from Misean Cara’s International Research Project
  2. Learning Brief 2020/02: Learning from the experience of the Inter-congregational Child Safeguarding Group in Kenya
  3. Learning Brief 2020/03: Investing in Organisational Capacity Development
  4. Learning Brief 2020/04: Delivering impactful health care


  1. Learning Brief 2019/01: Delivering Transformation through Missionary Organisations 
  2. Learning Brief 2019/02: Looking Back, Learning and Moving Forward: The Benefits of Effective Evaluations
  3. Learning Brief 2019/03: Supporting Resilience in the Face of Climate Change
  4. Learning Brief 2019/04: Realising Equal Education Rights for Migrants, Refugees and Internally Displaced People


  1. Learning Brief 2018/01: Missionary Responses to Ebola Virus Crises
  2. Learning Brief 2018/02: Missionary Approach to Development Interventions
  3. Learning Brief 2018/03: Expanding Livelihoods Opportunities
  4. Learning Brief 2018/04: Investing in Capacity
  5. Learning Brief 2018/05: Peacebuilding in Practice
  6. Learning Brief 2018/06: Findings and Lessons from a Meta-Evaluation


  1. Learning Brief 2017/01: Inclusive and Quality Education for All
  2. Learning Brief 2017/02: Ensuring Healthy Lives
  3. Learning Brief 2017/03: Using Effectiveness Reviews for Project Evaluation
  4. Learning Brief 2017/04: Women’s Empowerment in India
  5. Learning brief 2017/05: Tangible Rights
  6. Learning Brief 2017/06: Girls’ Education


Please see below for Misean Cara research and reflection reports. This section will be updated with new reports as they are published.

  1. How the Missionary Approach to Development Interventions (MADI) addresses the concept of Reaching the Furthest Behind First (FBF), 2021
  2. Transformative Child Safeguarding. Insights from Missionary Development Projects in Africa 2020.
  3. The Missionary Approach to Development Interventions (MADI) Conceptual Framework and Current Development Context, 2018
  4. Building Trust in Crisis: An integrated psychosocial approach to Ebola Virus Disease prevention and containment, 2017
  5. Faith and Resilience After Disaster: The Case of Typhoon Haiyan, 2015
  6. Mission Today & Tomorrow Conference Report, 2013