The new COVID-19 Omicron variant proves beyond doubt that no one is safe until we are all safe

December 2021 Misean Cara Project Officer for Health, Niamh Caffrey, says it’s time to stop the stalling on vaccine equity...

Honouring women’s struggle for justice and human rights

By Eamonn Casey, Misean Cara Project Officer for Human Rights & Advocacy, with contributions by Patricia Ynoñan Garcia, Misean Cara...

Celebrating significant victories for people and planet at the UN

This is a guest blog from Cédric Chatelanat, Institutional Development Manager with Franciscans International, a human rights project partner of...

Ursuline Sisters leveraging the power of innovation in Nairobi, Kenya

What’s the best way to provide water and soap for hand-washing, while protecting users from transmission through contact with taps?...


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