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15 Years : 15 Stories ‘Transforming Livelihoods in Uganda’ from Misean Cara on Vimeo.

As part of Misean Cara’s ’15 Years : 15 Stories’ media project, this video showcases the transformative power of Livelihoods in Uganda. The Children in Need (CHIN) project run by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary helps to alleviate poverty by improving food and economic security through training in sustainable livelihoods. The project worked with 225 households in 2017, aiming to alleviate poverty through training in livelihoods activities such as environmentally friendly farming techniques and the production of smokeless fuel. One of the innovations of the project is the use of Indigenous Microorganisms as a natural fertiliser in crop production, which dramatically reduces diseases and pests and enhances the yield of crops. The project also provides support services for children and young people with disabilities and their parents or guardians.