Distance Monitoring: Opportunities arising from the global pandemic

Our third Learning Brief for 2022 “Distance Monitoring: Opportunities arising from the global pandemic”, looks at the Distance Monitoring system Misean Cara developed in early 2020 when global travel restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted our schedule of project monitoring visits, a regular feature of our accompaniment approach to providing support and learning to our membership. The innovative Distance Monitoring approach not only enabled Misean Cara to monitor 92 projects worth €16.5m in 2020 and 2021, but now also provides an opportunity for continuous support to projects where external circumstances make a field visit impossible or unadvisable, for example, for cost-effectiveness considerations in very isolated projects or during conflicts, political unrest, or natural disasters.

To read this Learning Brief please click here.

Learning Briefs
Each year, we produce a set of themed Learning Briefs that draw on internal and external evaluation and research work conducted over the past few years. Our Learning Briefs aim to distil key findings and points of learning that will be valuable to our members and those in the wider development sector.

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