World AIDS Day 2020: 25 Years of Support, Life, and Hope through the AAVE Group in Brazil

Misean Cara has proudly supported the AAVE Group (Grupo Aids, Apoio, Vida, Esperanca) since 2012. Now, in 2020, the AAVE Group are celebrating 25 years of bringing support, life, and hope to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Goiania region of Brazil.

Founded in 1995 by Sr. Margaret Hosty, AAVE is an organisation of the Sisters of Saint Louis, with an excellent track record in addressing the needs of people living with HIV and AIDS in Brazil. AAVE has been recognised both nationally and internationally for its great contributions, through the 2010 Pedro Ludovico Award (2010), Goias State Government Award (2015 & 2018), National AIDS Social Responsibility Award, Dom Fernando Award (2009 & 2017) and conferred with the UN Award for Excellence in Support of Human Rights and Advocacy 2013.  

“In the State of Goias, if we had the Nobel Prize for work in the area of AIDS, definitely the AAVE Group would be at the front of the line for this prize.” –Dr. Bonaventura Braz, M.D. of Infectious Medicine

Misean Cara has provides support to AAVE in three key areas: 

1. Improving the holistic well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Goiânia, as many of such individuals live is isolation, suffering from depression, and disproportionately affected by high unemployment rates, with a large number of PLWHA losing their jobs after diagnosis. Their worsening economic situation leads to inadequate nutrition and hinders their ability to follow up with treatment. The holistic well-being of individuals is secured through socialization opportunities, educational courses, social support services and psychological support.  

2. Strengthening control of the epidemic, deemed as such by the Ministry of Health among youth in 2016 due to increasing HIV prevalence. Misinformation and lack of knowledge circulating among communities was the driving force for the rising levels, particularly in relation to modes of transmission and prevention. AVVE provides comprehensive and multi-dimensional awareness within the community to combat this root causes of HIV spread, with a slow and steady change in behaviours resulting. The team also supports and encourages those living with HIV to maintain their treatment regimes 

3. The fundamental rights and entitlements of PLWHA are under threat, such as access to medication and treatment, viral load exams, medical appointments and disability pensions. PLWHA are victims of intense stigma and prejudice, which AAVE are trying to rectify and make right through the provision of defence and redress mechanisms through specialised legal services. The team also empower PLWHA to seek and advocate for their rights through training workshops, lobby duty bearers at local and state level on behalf of PLWHA and engage in awareness to challenge discrimination and promote respect, acceptance and com passion.  

Every year, AAVE directly impact the lives of over 20,000 people, indirectly reaching over 60,000. 

25th Anniversary of the AAVE Group Brazil

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