Misean Cara Strategy
2022 - 2026


Every organisation needs a long-term strategic plan to serve as a roadmap towards its vision and goals. A central event and highlight of 2022 was the launch at our June AGM of our new organisational strategy for 2022 - 2026.

The new strategy will guide our organisation in the coming years by building on the successes of the previous strategy, the gains made by our members’ projects and the international development sector as a whole, while at the same time shifting focus to emerging and intensifying priorities that threaten to affect those recent gains. 

We will endeavour throughout this strategy period to ensure that Misean Cara continues to add value to missionary organisations working overseas on behalf of the furthest behind. 

Five key goals underpin our new strategy, which was developed in consultation with our Board, our members, and staff and donors, after a review of successes in the past five years and an analysis of trends and priorities for the future. 

Member: De La Salle Brothers / CEALS education & welfare project

Country: Mozambique

Photo: De La Salle Brothers

Misean Cara Strategic Goals for 2022 - 2026

  • Uphold the right to climate resilient livelihoods and decent jobs
  • Uphold the right to quality education 
  • Uphold the right to better health, clean water and sanitation
  • Uphold and advocate for human rights
  • Support our members with emergency assistance during sudden onset natural disasters and conflict

What’s Different?

  • A greater focus on projects addressing the climate crisis and helping communities build resistance to withstand shocks.
  • Enhanced capacity development opportunities for our members, to support the organisational and professional development of our Irish members and the localisation processes occurring overseas.
  • An increase in our efforts to diversify our funding sources to ensure that our members can continue to provide services to the communities they serve. 
  • An emphasis on reviewing our systems to ensure we support our members in the most efficient manner in compliance with best practice, while remaining alert to changing development contexts.

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