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In 2022, Misean Cara supported 32 Emergency and Humanitarian Response projects by 19 members in 15 countries, targeting 49,862 people. 

We make emergency funding available to our members to help them respond to sudden-onset emergencies, such as outbreaks of conflict and ever-increasing numbers of extreme weather events fuelled by climate-change including typhoons, cyclones and flooding. 

Because of their local, long-term presence, missionaries are able to react swiftly in response to unforeseen events, using the emergency funding we provide to mobilise humanitarian relief and aid on a short-term basis, as communities emerge from the shock and start to rebuild or put in place longer-term responses. 

Funding helps provide temporary shelter, medical supplies, blankets, and clothing and food baskets in the days and weeks following a catastrophe.

At the onset of the Russia and Ukraine conflict in early 2022, congregations already working with communities in Ukraine and Poland set to work immediately to support refugees crossing over into neighbouring countries, as well as those who stayed behind amidst the violence and destruction. Misean Cara provided emergency funding to five members: the Redemptorists, the Salesians of Don Bosco, the Salvatorians, the Oblates and the Daughters of Charity, all of whom initiated relief efforts at the outbreak of the war. 


In 2022, catastrophic flooding in Sindh left 1.2 million hectares of farmland under water and heavily damaged 1.5 million homes.

Emergency Assistance funds from Misean Cara enabled the Columbans to distribute essential supplies of food, clean water, tents, mosquito netting and hygiene kits to thousands of stricken community members. 

Photo: Columban Fathers


Emergency Assistance after extreme rains and flooding in Pakistan

Misean Cara member
Columban Fathers


In July and August of 2022, Pakistan experienced catastrophic flooding, the result of record monsoon rains totalling 392 millimetres (15.4 inches) during the two-month period. More than a third of the country was left under water and the lives of nearly 33 million people were thrown into crisis. 

During a visit to assess damage from the floods, UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres commented “I have never seen climate carnage on the scale of the floods here in Pakistan. As our planet continues to warm, all countries will increasingly suffer losses and damage from climate beyond their capacity to adapt.”

In Sindh province alone, the recorded rainfall during these two months was 466% above average. An estimated 1.5 million houses in the province were damaged or destroyed and 1.2 million hectares of agricultural land heavily flooded, causing concerns for food security and inflated prices in the following months.* 

The Columban Fathers, who have been in Pakistan since 1979, immediately approached Misean Cara for emergency funding to help 255 flood-affected families in their community. Families most in need were identified by the project team during village visits where they assessed conditions of homes, livestock and property loss, family size and risks to income and livelihoods. 

With a base of trust and cooperation already in place the Columban Fathers were able quickly to mobilise resources to provide emergency assistance to hundreds in their local area. To meet the basic needs of food, water, shelter and hygiene, the Columbans leveraged local networks and suppliers to source tents, food, clean water, mosquito nets, and hygiene kits and worked with a corps of volunteers to set up and manage efficient distribution points. The Columban Fathers were able to reach 1,440 people with supplies and support.

The rehabilitation phase will be long in terms of rebuilding homes, restoring livelihoods, and rehabilitation of educational and health facilities. 

*Report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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