Our Impact in 2021


Due to the rhythm of funding and reporting cycles, it takes time to gather results information from our members’ projects around the world. On this page, you’ll find a summary of the results reported by our members in 2021, using funding that was allocated in 2020 through two of our funding schemes. The figures provide a snapshot of the overall achievements using funding allocated in 2020.



people were able to access improved education

< 3%

drop-out rate in education projects run by Misean Cara members


contributions to the strengthening of educational systems at local, regional or national levels, including in-service teacher training, infrastructural developments, and contributing to national level research

Health, Clean Water and Sanitation


people availed of quality health services


contributions to health system strengthening, such as training for health personnel


people completed pre-service training, all entering employment with national health services

Sustainable Livelihoods


people in over 30,000 households saw improved livelihoods

Over 120,000

people achieved greater food and nutrition security


contributions were made to promote green, low-emission and climate resilient practices and policies, such as introducing crop varieties that are resilient in heat and drought

Human Rights

Over 370,000

individuals learned about their human rights and specific entitlements. With the knowledge gained, over 5,500 initiatives were carried out to claim legal entitlements

Over 55,000

people successfully accessed justice and legal support, with over 3,900 victims of severe human rights violations accessing shelter and psychosocial support.


changes in policies and laws contributed by project teams, contributing to improved access to social services and entitlements such as legal documentation, and leading to changes in duty bearers’ knowledge of their obligations.

Member Capacity Development


individuals from 36 member organisations benefited from capacity development support


new systems and strategies were put in place by members to strengthen monitoring & evaluation programmes

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