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A financial management workshop was organised for some of the Sisters of St. Louis in Ghana, with two sisters from Nigeria, Josephine Apiagyei SSL from the CLT, and Ronan White, our Mission Development Coordinator, also joining in, to give it an international flavour. It took place at the Divine Word Conference center in Nsawam, in the Eastern part of Ghana, from June 5-10.

Gail, the facilitator and leader from Mango (Management Accounting for Non-Governmental Organisations), the UK-based NGO that specialises in financial training for other NGOs, made it easy for us to understand what financial management is all about. She made us aware that financial management is necessary for all; everybody needs financial management in his or her field of work to help manage the work place. She took us through all aspects of financial management including accounting records, financial monitoring and internal control. She made the workshop very practical, participatory and easy to understand, using different approaches.

One interesting thing that took place at the end of each session was the “health check”, where participants were divided into groups according to their areas of apostolate: health, education, finance, project and others. The health check was comprised of a set of statements of good practices that cover all the key areas of financial management. It is designed to help check how healthy an organisation is, and also to identify areas that need improving.

A “jargon hit list” was given to each participant at the beginning of the workshop, which they were required to complete by the end of the workshop. This list contained terms and words that would be used during the course, and participants were required to give their definition of each term as they understood it from participating in the course. At the end of the workshop an award was given to the sister that completed the “Jargon hit list” with the most success, and guess who received it? It was none other than Sr. Philomena Nanewortor SSL.

At the end of the workshop, certificates were awarded to all participants. The sisters expressed their delight with the workshop, and promised to use the skills acquired in their working places.

We are grateful to the Congregation Leadership Team (CLT) and in particular Sr. Josephine Apiagyei SSL, our donors Misean Cara, Ronan White (our Mission Development Coordinator), the Regional and Provincial Leadership teams, and Mango for making this workshop possible.

Special report by Sr. Juliet Yirkpeeku from the Sisters of St. Louis.

Photo Caption: Mission Development Coordinator Ronan White, and attendees from the Sisters of St. Louis celebrate the end of an insightful finance workshop. Photo: Sisters of St. Louis.

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