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Pupils at Changa Changa Community School. Photo: Edmund Rice Development.

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Pupils at Changa Changa Community School. Photo: Edmund Rice Development.

Changa Changa Community School is a community based school in Mazabuka, Zambia. It was established in 2000, by the Congregation of Christian Brothers and the local community. The core purpose in establishing the school was to provide less privileged children with access to quality education.

Changa Changa has grown considerably since then and continues to grow. The school is now ranked 4th out of the top 20 schools in the district and is the only community school to rank at all (other schools on the top 20 are all private).

The core project team of Changa Changa is managed by the Christian Brothers with funding support from Edmund Rice Development (ERD).

Mazabuka is a town in the Southern Province of Zambia, lying south west of Lusaka, on the Lusaka-Livingstone Road and the railway to Livingstone. The town is home to one of largest long term HIV and AIDS prevention programmes in Zambia.

The school provides the following essential services:
• 520 children in attendance aged 4 to 15 years old. Currently grades one to seven, with hopes to expand up to grade nine.
• Pre-school for children from 4 – 6 years old.
• Adult Literacy classes for local men and women.
• Nutritional support of all the children by providing one meal a day.
• Provision of bursaries and sponsorship to orphans and vulnerable children.
• Training to the community in the care and support of orphans and vulnerable children.
• Training in and awareness of children’s rights.
• Sharing of sport facilities with youths from the compound as a means of recreation for football and netball.

On a recent visit to Changa Changa ERD staff had a chance to speak with Mrs. Mote, teacher of Grade 6, as well as student Ester Mundia and her father, Kelly Mundia about the importance that ChangaChanga has made in their lives.

In 2014 with support from Misean Cara, Changa Changa primary school completed Phase 2 of its building programme, enabling it to create a safe learning environment for its students. The work completed, included four new classrooms, a library and computer room and new toilets for staff. Phase 2 was not just about extra space, it also allowed the school to address issues like classroom shortage, water and sanitation facilities and literacy levels.