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Betty Lanyero is the Chair of the Lacan Kwite Group that is part of the Women and Children First Organisation (WACFO) in Northern Uganda. Through its savings scheme programme, WACFO has provided the Lacan Kwite Group with agriculture training to grow sesame known locally as ‘sim sim.’ Photo: Lar Boland.

*Please note that all funding is only available to Misean Cara members, and their affiliates.

Strategic Goals

Misean Cara provides support for our members’ work with some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people around the globe. We have five strategic goals, each with corresponding key priorities, that underpin the development work we fund.

  1. Uphold the right to quality education

  2. Uphold the right to better health, clean water and sanitation

  3. Uphold the right to sustainable livelihoods

  4. Uphold and advocate for human rights

  5. Enhance and promote the missionary approach to development

Misean Cara provides support and funding for missionary development projects that deliver vital support and complement state-led responses, in the provision of quality education and health care services.  We also prioritise support for initiatives aimed at tackling the root and structural causes of poverty, marginalisation and injustice.

Advocacy and Human Rights

Misean Cara strives to bring about transformative change in the situations of poor and vulnerable people by addressing structural issues at local, national and international levels, while also addressing rights and accountability.

At one level, Misean Cara supports members’ projects aimed at realising people’s basic rights (and particularly those of marginalised groups) in the areas of education, health and livelihoods. This is complemented by initiatives aimed at strengthening wider systems relating to those areas, but which also often occur in contexts where government duty bearers are unable or unwilling to do so.

At another level, Misean Cara supports work for systemic changes in policy and practice, and for specific interventions to enable people who are experiencing acute human rights violations to defend their rights. Through awareness-raising, community mobilisation, influencing or more formal advocacy, as the context requires and allows, Misean Cara-supported projects engage duty bearers as to their responsibilities, and/or help build those duty bearers’ capacities to fulfil their obligations to all.

Wider Context

As an Irish faith-based development organisation working with missionary organisations, we acknowledge the historic and ongoing contribution of the Misean Cara member organisations to the relief of suffering, realisation of potential and promotion of justice in many communities throughout the world.

Misean Cara supported projects embody the enduring values and distinctive ethos that missionaries bring to development work, while also reinforcing efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),

Misean Cara also strives to support the development objectives laid out in Ireland’s policy for international development, ‘A Better World’ with a focus on those left furthest behind in development and humanitarian efforts.  

Read more in our 2019 Annual Report.