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Betty Lanyero is the Chair of the Lacan Kwite Group that is part of the Women and Children First Organisation (WACFO) in Northern Uganda. Through its savings scheme programme, WACFO has provided the Lacan Kwite Group with agriculture training to grow sesame known locally as ‘sim sim.’ Photo: Lar Boland.

Misean Cara provides a range of supports for the international development work of our members. We access and distribute funding for high quality development initiatives, providing effective oversight through monitoring, evaluation and audit. We support the enhancement of their capacity to deliver significant results through mentorship, research, learning and development activities and quality support.

Our members’ holistic approach to eliminating poverty works through the implementation of locally appropriate programmes and projects that target the root causes of social inequalities. This work is undertaken in partnership with local communities and local, national and international agencies. Our results demonstrate that it makes a significant and sustained difference to the lives of the poorest.

Our new Strategic Plan 2017-2021 sets out five key objectives:

1. Uphold the right to quality education

2. Uphold the right to better health, clean water and sanitation

3. Uphold the right to sustainable livelihoods

4. Uphold and advocate for human rights

5. Enhance and promote the Missionary Approach to Development