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Conflict Transformation and Peace Building, Kenya

Mr Mike Williams, an international development consultant appointed on behalf of Misean Cara recently concluded an effectiveness review of the programme on conflict transformation and peace-building conducted by the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation in Eastern Africa.

The programme was awarded the highest possible rating with Mr Williams stating that:

“Shalom’s contextually driven, rigorous but adaptable and forward-looking methodology represents a model approach towards peace-building in highly complex situations, such as those that pertain in Northern Kenya. The approach, with its emphasis on community leadership, stakeholder participation, high technical competency, logic models, results frameworks, stories of change and advocacy linkages also reflects current best practice within both the peace-building and development sectors. ”

We commend the integrity, leadership, and excellent work by Fr. Patrick Devine, Executive Chairman, Fr. Oliver Noonan, Country Director, and their team at Shalom. We confirm that Shalom is an organisation in good standing in relation to financial administration and corporate governance, and are pleased to have been associated as a donor with its pioneering work from 2011 to 2017.