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MissionAid – April 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic the impact on education for children worldwide has been profound, but the longer-term consequences can be especially dire for students in developing countries. In this issue of MissionAid you’ll find a special feature section on Misean Cara members’ work in education, highlighting several projects and how they have adapted to ensure that students […]

MissionAid – December 2020

In response to the travel restrictions triggered by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Misean Cara designed a Distance Monitoring process to monitor and evaluate its member projects remotely. This process incorporates all elements of a traditional monitoring visit, including document reviews, virtual conversations with project beneficiaries and participants, and key informant interviews.

MissionAid – August 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone around the world, with the greatest impact felt by marginalised communities. Misean Cara members have been quick to respond to ensure that no-one is left behind – by the pandemic or its associated lockdowns which have brought hunger and trauma to many communities.

Mission Aid – May 2020

In Peru, there are approximately over 70,000 people living with HIV. While only 85% of pregnant women living with HIV were accessing treatment or prophylaxis to prevent transmission of HIV to their children. Since 2010, new HIV infections have increased by 24% and AIDS-related deaths have increased by 14%. In Peru, there is a significant […]

Mission Aid – October 2019

In 2018, a total of almost €3.9 million was allocated to 76 education projects implemented by 38 members in 29 countries, with a target population of over 77,500. Article 26 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserts the right to education for all. A child’s right to education is further endorsed in the […]

Mission Aid – June 2019

Since its foundation in 2004 as the Irish Missionary Resource Service, Misean Cara has supported the work of its members in 94 countries around the world. From Albania to Zimbabwe, in different locations, using different languages, working with different cultures, thousands of life-changing projects have been implemented with one common thread: one of Misean Cara’s […]

Mission Aid – April 2019

“Health for All” – the core objective of the Alma Ata Declaration on Primary Healthcare which marked its 40th anniversary in 2018, arose as a significant turning point of the twentieth century in the area of public health as this declaration identified primary healthcare as the key to attaining the goal of health for all.

Mission Aid December 2018

Five years ago the Ebola epidemic wreaked havoc in the country of Sierra Leone. During the epidemic the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny and the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary risked their lives by going where no other aid workers would – into the places where the disease was rampant.

MissionAid – September 2018

Excerpt: “Read about an education project for migrants in Thailand which helps to tackle high rates of child labour, and a clinic in Kenya that uses rainwater harvesting and solar panels to stay open during episodes of drought and power outages.”

MissionAid – February 2018

Excerpt: “We have updates on Misean Cara and articles about our members’ projects; from tackling gender-based violence in Peru, to a human rights project in Nigeria advocating to reform the judicial system. Also read about the Loreto Girls’ School in South Sudan which is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.”