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Promoting excellence in our work involves reflection.

A Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop was organised for the Ghanaian and Nigerian Sisters of St Louis from November 7-11 at Brafoyaw, Capecoast, Ghana. Five Sisters from Ghana, 10 from Nigeria, Patricia Ojo SSL from the CLT, and Ronan White, the Mission Development Coordinator, participated in the workshop.

We arrived at Brafoyaw on the evening of Sunday, November 6, and the workshop began the next day, where we were welcomed by Sr Patricia Ojo. We introduced ourselves using symbols like a stone, candle, puzzle, flower, etc.

Cathy Doran, the facilitator, helped to bring out our objectives for the workshop, which were:

  • To help participants understand what monitoring is, how it is related to results and indicators, and how to draw up and implement a monitoring plan;
  • To develop a standardised SSL project monitoring template;
  • To equip participants with the skills and knowledge to engage in participatory evaluations;
  • To develop a standardised SSL project evaluation template; and
  • To equip participants with the skills and knowledge to write up quality project reports.

Each day began with a review of the previous day. We had a lot of group work, brainstorming, role playing, and sharing. Cathy also helped us to understand the tools and methods of monitoring and evaluation and how they are important in our various institutions.

There were a lot of learnings. We learned about the project cycle management process: Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, Learning, Reporting and Evaluation, which is very important in all our projects. We also learned how to use a monitoring checklist, a result Framework and IMELP (Integrated Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan), and a Community Score Card, and the three stages of reporting. Cathy also gave us a chance to write a comprehensive report and at the end of the workshop, all participants knew what was required in a donor report and felt equipped to write a donor report. We had achieved our objectives by the end of the workshop, and are very grateful to the CLT for the opportunity.

Special report by Sr. Vincentia Amankwah SSL.

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