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This week the Irish faith-based missionary movement Misean Cara is launching its new five year plan, focused on key areas of education, healthcare, sustainable development and human rights. The new strategy is based on a global consultation with over a thousand beneficiaries in more than ten countries and highlights a particular concern for women and children, refugees or displaced people, and the disabled.

The CEO of Misean Cara, Heydi Foster, embodies many of the goals and values that the organisation seeks seeks to promote. Born in Guatemala to parents educated by missionaries, her family suffered under the military dictatorship and she was forced to flee, first to Mexico, then to the United States. She puts her own “faith, resilience and hope” down to that experience which profoundly affects her work with the Dublin-based Misean Cara today.

Original recording available from Vatican Radio http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2017/05/24/irish_misean_cara_movement_supporting_missionaries_worldwide/1314491