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Misean Cara CEO Heydi Foster delivered RTÉ Radio 1’s A Living Word programme from 8th October to 12th October 2018. Heydi spoke about her experience visiting Misean Cara funded projects in Colombia, South Sudan, India, Zambia and Haiti.

In this episode, Heydi speaks about the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa who live and work in Livingstone, Zambia.

A Living Word – Supporting Communities in Zambia

This episode was aired on RTÉ Radio 1 on Thursday 11th October 2018. 

In a world of hyper-specialisation, it’s refreshing to meet people who can turn their hand to everything and anything as the need arises. Like the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa who live and work in Livingstone, Zambia. Working with people in really poor communities, they respond to a range of very different needs.

The Sisters receive support from Misean Cara, so I stayed with them to see their work up close.  They’ve been in Livingstone for over 25 years and, far from specialising, have dealt with whatever has come their way. Today, they work with inmates in the local prison; they care for people living with HIV and AIDS; they run a mental health project; they provide adult literacy classes; they operate small-scale credit schemes and they help people with legal issues. Throughout the world, this is what missionaries do – they turn up, live in solidarity amongst poor communities for many years and work with them to meet the most important challenges they face in their lives.

I was overwhelmed by the positive energy of the Sisters that day, from when we started at six in the morning to when we finished at ten at night. I saw that they were driven by a deeply-felt conviction that everyone they met had a right to a life of dignity and opportunity. Their commitment to the people they lived amongst was whole-hearted and unconditional. I can see now that these inspiring women did have one particular specialisation – believing in people.

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Featured Image: St Francis Community Integrated Care Programme run by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa in Zambia. The Programme supports people living with HIV, people with disabilities, and their families. The programme’s major focus is now on livelihood security.