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The international development context has evolved significantly since the publication of Ireland’s international development policy One World One Future in 2013. The Government is currently producing a new international development policy, which it intends to launch in late 2018.

Public Consultation 

An Tánaiste Simon Coveney launched a public consultation process on 12th July 2018 to invite the public to make written submissions and encourage participation in a series of consultations meetings scheduled to take place around the country.

“Public support and engagement with our international development cooperation programme is critical for a successful policy. A first step will be your engagement with our public consultation – we need to hear your voices. This is Ireland’s development policy that we are re-imagining for a changed international landscape and a much bigger overall amount of funding. Your insights, direction and thinking will help define and refine our thinking.”

A public consultation paper, Transforming Our World, was launched at the event outlining the proposed directions for the new policy and providing information on how the public can get involved. Transforming Our World is available to read on the Irish Aid website.

Misean Cara Submission

Written submissions to the White Paper Consultation were asked to address four questions set out in the consultation paper.

  1. What elements of Ireland’s international development experience should the new policy reflect?
  2. What are the implications of the changing global context for Ireland’s international development cooperation and humanitarian action?
  3. Do the proposed priorities respond to the changing context and contribute to the achievement of our vision of a more equal, peaceful, sustainable world?
  4. How can we improve delivery of Ireland’s international development cooperation and humanitarian action?

Misean Cara developed a series of high-level messages responding to these four questions. These messages were developed in consultation with member organisations. You can read the full submission at the link below.

Misean Cara’s Submission to the Irish Aid White Paper Consultation

Public Consultation Meetings

A series of public consultation meetings have been scheduled by Irish Aid, these will be held from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the following locations:

  • Thursday 13th September – City Hall, Cork
  • Monday 17th September – The Aula Maxima, NUI, Galway
  • Tuesday 18th September – The Model, The Mall, Sligo
  • Thursday 20th September – The Strand Hotel, Limerick
  • Tuesday 2nd October – EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum, The CHQ Building, North Wall Quay, Dublin

For the more information on these meetings and to register to attend, please visit the Irish Aid website and complete the registration form.