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*Please note that all funding is only available to Misean Cara members, and their affiliates.


Medium Development Grant (effective April 2017)

Through the Medium Development Grant, Misean Cara provides co-financing grants of between €10,000 to €29,999 for a medium development project (single year) or up to €90,000 total for multi-year options (2 or 3 year), covering various direct and indirect costs, in support of members’ development projects over either a single-year or multi-year (2 or 3 years) timeframe.

Development projects should respond to specified and evidenced needs and aim to achieve clearly defined results within a specified time period.

Misean Cara particularly seeks to support missionary development projects that complement state-led responses to the provision of basic services, that aim at tackling the root and structural causes of poverty, marginalisation and injustice, and that take innovative approaches that are well researched and justified.

The Medium Development Grant offers the means for Misean Cara member organisations to submit proposals for medium sized development projects within one or more of the following Misean Cara’s four sectoral goals:

  • Goal 1: Uphold the Right to Quality Education
  • Goal 2: Uphold the Right to Better Health, Clean Water and Sanitation:
  • Goal 3: Uphold the Right to Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Goal 4: Uphold and Advocate for Human Rights

Medium Development Grant proposals can involve multiple sectors, where the approach is adequately justified.

Project proposals are welcomed which:

  • Prioritise interventions in support of marginalised communities, particularly key target groups including women and children, refugees and displaced people, and people with disabilities;
  • Target resources strategically, supporting work in locations where members have a strong presence and potential to leverage greater change;
  • Promote outstanding initiatives that demonstrate the missionary approach to development;
  • Illustrate that members are taking risks and breaking new ground to address new challenges;
  • Prioritise areas facing extreme poverty and inequality; and,
  • Tackle environmental sustainability and community resilience in the context of climate change.

If projects are not intended to be one-off and single-year, then they should be designed and proposed to Misean Cara as more strategic, multi-annual projects, consistent with the visions, missions and strategies of the member and Misean Cara. Multi-annual project proposals require additional supporting documentation, in addition to evidence of need and justification of the project design.

More Information: Full and detailed guidelines in support of applications for a Medium Development Grant and the related funding application form and supporting templates are available to members through Misean Cara’s on-line system Mission Links.

Co-funding: Co-funding from Misean Cara is limited to €750,000 per member across all schemes except Emergency in any given calendar year (although additional funds, perhaps requiring a higher level of co-funding from applicants, may become available if the Misean Cara effort to diversify funding sources and increase the overall finance available to Misean Cara is successful).

Each proposal must demonstrate up-front that the member has secured the 25% required co-funding. Up to 10% of this co-funding can be provided in-kind, but at least 15% must be provided as a financial contribution.

Child Safeguarding: Misean Cara requires that appropriate Safeguarding/Child Protection policies and procedures are in place and implemented within all Misean Cara funded projects. These policies are applicable to all board members, management, staff, volunteers, consultants and any other third party acting on behalf of the member. The members will ensure that arrangements are made to have the Safeguarding/Child Protection policies and procedures in place, implemented, and monitored.

Project Grant Finance Guidelines: Accepting a Misean Cara grant binds members to acceptance of the Project Grant Finance Guidelines, the particulars are to be found in the detailed Finance Guidelines on Mission Links.