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*Please note that all funding is only available to Misean Cara members, and their affiliates.


The aim of Misean Cara’s Emergency support scheme is to assist members deal with initial stages of emergencies in a fast and efficient manner.

Some examples of eligible activities for funding are:

  • Provision of water, sanitation, health services, emergency shelter, and emergency feeding programmes to people living in disaster affected areas;
  • Distribution of emergency supplies;
  • Protection for refugees/ internally-displaced people and support activities;

Activities proposed for funding should generally have a timescale for implementation of not more than three months.

The size of the projects supported varies according to the needs of the situation and the capacity of the organisation making the application.

Drafting an Application

Some important points to consider when drafting your application:

  • The Principles of Conduct for The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement should be reflected in your response activities (http://www.ifrc.org/publicat/conduct/code.asp)
  • The organisation making the application will need to explain their overall capacity in the region
  • They should outline what other agencies in the same area are doing and also ensure that they are not duplicating their efforts
  • They need to ensure that their activities address those most affected by the emergency
  • They need to consider how their actions could inadvertently create long term dependency
  • They need to ensure that the activities are non-partisan with respect to religion and ethnicity
  • Misean Cara will not fund retrospectively
  • Child Protection – the funded activities must meet the child protection and safeguarding standards as detailed in SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN Standards and Guidance Document for the Catholic Church in Ireland. This document can be downloaded at: http://www.safeguarding.ie/downloads-1

Sphere Project – The Sphere Project is an initiative to define and uphold the standards by which the global community responds to the plight of people affected by disasters, principally through a set of guidelines that are set out in the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response (commonly referred to as the Sphere Handbook).

Included in the handbook are a set of guidelines referred to as the “Protection Principles” to advise organisations in ways they can avoid exposing the affected population to further harm. This includes guidance around the issue of child protection.

The guidelines can be downloaded from the following link: http://www.sphereproject.org/component/option,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,17/Itemid,203/lang,

While the completion of an application form will be required, Misean Cara will, in the interests of efficiency, be in a position to accept an application format other than its own, should the applicant be seeking funding from a number of donors. However, receipt of funding from different donors for the same activity is not permissible.

Misean Cara will consider applications to the level of €15,000. When assistance is provided, the member organisation will be required to sign a contract with Misean Cara. Reports on funding allocated are due within 3 months of the end date of the project.

Given the unpredictable nature of emergency situations members who receive emergency relief funding will be entrusted with this funding and will not be restricted to using the funding in any specific way as long as it is within the broad context of the eligible expenditure as set out in the guidelines for emergency funding. The financial report should reflect the actual expenditure.

Applications for emergency funding should be submitted through Mission Links.