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Our Strategy has been inspired, informed and shaped by the voices of Misean Cara members and the poor and marginalised communities we serve. Having engaged with over 1,000 people across nine countries, this new strategy will build upon considerable progress in the recent past and, in keeping with our deeply-held values, further transform the effectiveness and impact of Misean Cara.

Among the many important insights coming out of our consultations and reflected in the strategy is a deepening of our human rights focus, so that we now see human rights both as a priority area in itself and as a key element underpinning work in all areas. From the global consultation process, health, education, sustainable livelihoods and human rights continue to remain highly relevant. We will target marginalised communities with a particular focus on women and children, refugees and displaced people, and people with disabilities. For example, this brings a strengthened focus on gender equality to end the injustice, discrimination and violence suffered by women and girls throughout the world. There is also greater focus on environmental sustainability to help communities confront the effects of climate change. The essential elements of our strategy, including our strategic purpose, vision and mission, are summarised in the graphic below.


The five values of respect, compassion, justice, commitment and integrity that form the foundation represent the missionary approach to development, which makes our members’ work in development distinctive and adds value to the work. This approach is reflected throughout the strategy.

This values-based approach is also part of Misean Cara’s institutional Theory of Change, and the strategy represents the putting into practice of this theory.

Our 2013-2016 Strategy enabled us to deliver considerable impact in our four key areas of focus – health, education, livelihoods and human rights – as well as contribute extensively to the organisational capacity development of our members and their partners. In this new strategy we will build on these successes and the learning from them.

Our new Strategy is built on a foundation of experience, expertise, learning and research. Adapting to the current global realities and increasing complexities, Misean Cara will strive to work in a more integrated way to address the multiple and often intersecting vulnerabilities experienced by communities in the Global South.

After setting out our strategic vision, this document then lays out the current context of Misean Cara’s world – presenting the challenges and priorities as we see them and the opportunities identified to make an impact. Next, we outline how Misean Cara is committed to bringing about positive changes. We then highlight the direction our movement is heading before detailing the strategic goals that will enable us to get there.

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