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Misean Cara’s core values are:


to standing alongside the poor and oppressed, offering a sustained presence to people in their suffering and vulnerability.


which assists the mission of the members in their efforts to enhance the dignity of persons and the good of marginalised societies, by listening and responding to their needs.


founded in the conviction that, through working in partnership built on the personal and collective contribution of the individual members and organisations, people will be empowered to eliminate poverty.

In implementing our mission, Misean Cara will be guided by operational values of:


by a willingness to openly demonstrate how Misean Cara resources are accessed and used


by accepting responsibility at all levels for the stewardship of our resources and the evaluation of our effectiveness

Statement of Strategic Intent

Inspired by God’s message of love, justice and peace and by the experience gained from our ongoing response to our missionary call, we, the members of Misean Cara, are committed to working with and for the marginalised and most vulnerable people in the developing world. Our purpose is to be in solidarity with the poor in ways that transform lives while respecting the integrity of local cultures.

To give expression to this purpose the organisation of Misean Cara was established to support the marginalised and most vulnerable through the work of its member organisations, and their partners by accessing funds and distributing them fairly and effectively according to agreed criteria and based on development effectiveness.

Misean Cara also provides ongoing capacity building support to enable this work to be of the highest quality, as demonstrated through significant results, as well as fulfilling an oversight function through monitoring, evaluation, and auditing of interventions in line with good practice in the sector.

We the members, executive and board are working to build an effective organisation in which all who are part of it are:

  • working diligently and respectfully with each other; in partnership with others who respect our core values;
  • guided by recognised good development practice;
  • addressing the causes, and consequences of poverty;
  • working with the world’s marginalised and most vulnerable;
  • working towards a more just world.