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Misean Cara CEO Heydi Foster delivered RTÉ Radio 1’s A Living Word programme from 18th March to 22nd March 2019. Heydi highlighted the work of Misean Cara members in Ghana, Haiti, Sierra Leone, and the Lebanon.

In this episode, Heydi shares the story of refugee Hidaya who had to flee Syria and start her life anew in the Lebanon, supported by the De La Salle and Marist Brothers.

A Living Word – Heydi Foster – Displacement

This episode was aired on RTÉ Radio 1 on Friday 22nd March 2019.

Today, Irish people travel to many corners of the earth, and many from other countries come here. Most travel is completely voluntary, but there are also many who are forced to flee their homes. Worldwide, over 68 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes and are living in temporary dwellings in their home country or abroad.

In Beirut, in the Lebanon, I met Hidaya, a teenage girl from Syria. Her family had to flee the conflict in that country, but while they were travelling, a missile hit their car and her mother was killed. Another innocent victim of conflict. Hidaya and the rest of her family made it to the Lebanon and are trying to rebuild their lives after the trauma of displacement and loss.

Hidaya now lives in a shelter in Beirut and attends the Children’s Club at the Fratelli Centre on Saturdays. Fratelli is the Italian for Brothers. The centre is run jointly by the De La Salle and Marist Brothers and supported by Misean Cara. It caters for vulnerable young people from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, healing trauma, building self-esteem and confidence. Despite the horror of being forced from her home, Hidaya has big plans for the future and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Even in the worst of situations, hope can be kept alive and people can dream. But hope and dreams alone are not enough. The Brothers in the Fratelli Centre are helping Hidaya to bridge the gap.

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Featured Image: The Fratelli educational project in Beirut, run jointly by the De La Salle and Marist Brothers, caters for vulnerable children and youth from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Hidaya (front left) is from Syria and now lives in the Abra shelter in Beirut. While she and her family were fleeing the fighting in Syria in 2013, her mother was killed when a missile hit their vehicle. Hidaya attends the Children’s Club programme at the Fratelli Centre in Rmeileh on Saturdays. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.