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15 Years : 15 Stories ‘Transforming Human Rights in Peru’ from Misean Cara on Vimeo.

As part of Misean Cara’s ’15 Years : 15 Stories’ media project, this video showcases the transformative power of Human Rights in Peru. Warmi Huasi in San Benito on the edge of the capital Lima in Peru, takes a different approach to the child’s right to play. Whilst in some projects it is adults as duty-bearers who uphold the right to play through direct provision, in Warmi Huasi it is the children who take the lead, organising and campaigning, advocating and influencing for the defence of their rights. They have formed their own advocacy organisation, Children of San Benito in Action (‘ONNSBA’ in Spanish), where the adult role is to support, facilitate, establish liaison with adults in power, and secure resources for meeting and mobilisation. Though the children have campaigned on a number of issues, the first and most successful has been to reclaim and rebuild spaces for play in their neighbourhoods. Misean Cara is proud to support this wonderful project, and we gratefully thank the Columban Fathers and Warmi Huasi for their cooperation in creating this video.