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As part of Misean Cara’s ’15 Years : 15 Stories’ media project, this podcast showcases the transformative power of Health in Ghana. The Sisters of St. Louis set up an eye clinic 19 years ago in the town of Pramso in Northern Ghana. The town is about five hours’ drive from the capital, Accra. It used to be common for people living in poverty to go blind because easily-treatable eye conditions were neglected. The Sisters had a vision to change this. They took the first step, with faith and courage, and the fruits of their efforts are visible today. There is a fully-equipped unit at St. Michael’s Hospital dealing with eye conditions including glaucoma and cataracts. The benefits are also visible, in a very real way, in the lives of people whose sight has been saved and whose lives have been transformed. People now come from far and wide, and the clinic sees up to 70 patients each day. The key to the success of the whole venture lay in earning the trust of people. The Sisters needed to persuade people, who were already worried about their failing eyesight, that the procedures were safe and would, in nearly all cases, be successful. Missionaries develop this trust over many years of living in the heart of a community, sharing the challenges and joys of daily life. Missionaries believe that better lives are possible for the people they serve. In Ghana, the work starts and ends with vision.