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As part of Misean Cara’s ’15 Years : 15 Stories’ media project, this podcast showcases the transformative power of Education in India. Brickfields are locations in India where bricks are made by hand, for the local construction industry. This industry depends on the cheap labour of migrant families and their children, coming from some of the poorest districts of the neighbouring states of Bihar and Jharkhand. In the state of West Bengal alone there are at least 2,000 brickfield sites with an average of 50 children on each. Since 2008, the Loreto Sisters and Calcutta Mary Ward Social Centre started more than 40 Brickfield schools educating more than 2,500 children and employing 80 teachers. The brickfield schools run for 7 to 8 months, coinciding with the brick-making season of November to June. As this work is done outside in the open air, bricks cannot be made during the monsoon season. During this period the families make the long trek back home to their local towns and villages in Bihar and Jharkhand. Misean Cara funded the Loreto Sisters to provide education to the children of migrant families working on the brickfields.