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Children at the Marialaya Centre run by the Salesian Sisters in Dharmapuri India

Sandra Neville, Safeguarding Person at Misean Cara visited some of the projects Misean Cara funds in India during November and December 2017. The purpose of the visit was to observe the implementation of safeguarding practices and to support Misean Cara members in this area.

Sandra visited a project where they rehabilitate and resettle distressed and deserted children, young girls and women in Dharmapuri, India. The project is run by the Salesian Sisters and aims to empower the vulnerable beneficiaries for a sustainable change of life.

For the past 10 years the Salesian Sisters have worked for disadvantaged children and women in the District, rehabilitating and empowering them. Despite the Sisters vital work in this area, there is one big barrier to the improvement of the area. This is the lack of awareness of people’s basic rights.

The Sisters plan to tackle the root cause of the victimization through community awareness programs. The Sisters will carry out these programs for the community and school students in 10 Dalit villages. The programmes focus on the main problems in the area, including child abuse, child labour, child marriage, and the natal and pre-natal care of women. Through these training programs the Sisters aim to prevent and mitigate the route cause of the issues affecting the vulnerable children and women they work with.

Special report by Sandra Neville, Safeguarding Person, Misean Cara.

Photo caption: Children at the Marialaya Centre run by the Salesian Sisters in Dharmapuri, India. Consent was given by the children, parents and guardians to take and share this photograph.