Misean Cara


Salesians of Don Bosco (Salesian Fathers)  

Where they work:

Members serve in China, Liberia, Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Swaziland and Lesotho. 

Areas of work include Education, Primary healthcare, Income generation, Rural Development, Urban Community Development, Human Rights, Environment and Advocacy and Strengthening of Civil Society.

Support from misean cara:

In South Africa funding from Misean Cara has supported the ongoing work of staff at one of the Salesian Fathers Skills Training centres for youths. The centre is aimed at assisting street youths aged between 18-24 years to rehabilitate, reintegrate, educate and eventually assist their return to mainstream society. Funding also enabled staff at the centre to participate in capacity building training courses, with further funding being allocated for the enhancement of some of the facilities and the purchase of the right equipment tools for the centre.

Funding has also enabled staff at a youth clinic in Swaziland to embark on training courses to enhance their skills. The clinic - Manzini Youth Care - also received funding to set up two income generation programmes for the benefit of its clients. These programmes have enabled the centre to become self-sustaining. The programmes themselves have also enabled young adults to up-skill in various trades. This offers these youths a better opportunity at gaining employment, thereby giving them the opportunity to bring themselves out of poverty.


“The Christian perfection of its associates obtained by the exercise of spiritual and corporal works of charity towards youths, especially the poor, and the education of young men to the Priesthood'. 

Contact Details:

Salesian Provincial Office
45 St Teresa's Rd
Dublin 12
Tel: 014555787
Fax: 014558781
Email: ruanet@ireland.com 

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