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*Please note that all funding is only available to Misean Cara members, and their affiliates.


The MPSS scheme provides co-financing grants of up to €20,000 in support of small development projects and capacity-building activities.

  • Strand 1: A Small Development Project (SDP) Strand is intended to co-finance specific small-scale development initiatives in the field, undertaken by members or by their local implementing partner bodies.

Applications can be submitted in any of the four Misean Cara sectors – Education, Health, Income generation and livelihoods, and human rights from a minimum of €3,000 up to a maximum of €19,999.

  • Strand 2: The Member Organisational and Capacity Development (OCD) Strand is intended to co-finance initiatives that enable a member at whatever level (field, province or national) to be more effective as an agent for development, by strengthening the capacity of the member organisation or through having better skilled staff. Applications can be made for a minimum of €500 up to a maximum of €19,999.

A single MPSS application must be for an SDP or an OCD intervention, it may not be for both.

Capacity building activities or training may be proposed under the following conditions:

  • Capacity building or training where the focus is external to the member organisation i.e. for external individuals or groups such as partner organisations or project beneficiaries should be applied for under the SDP Strand.
  • Capacity building or training where the focus is internal to the member organisation (for example, strategic planning, staff training in project management, child protection, the logical framework approach, IT or financial management, etc.) should be applied for under the OCD Strand.