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Enterprise Development Pilot Project In South Africa
Deadline: Ongoing

The support to be provided under the proposed project will enable the development of a blueprint to guide the revitalization of state-owned industrial parks in South Africa and thereby contribute toward sustaining industrial growth, accelerating industrial restructuring and raising the level of competitiveness of the economy. The support will enable the conducting of a detailed pre-investment study for the upgrade and expansion of state-owned industrial parks located in the former homelands and townships of South Africa, as well as the development of a long-term strategic plan for the revitalization of the industrial parks. The strategic plan shall include a sustainable capital investment program and define options for revitalizing existing industrial parks and developing new ones.

The objective of the project is to contribute towards job creation and poverty reduction by providing support to enterprise development in South Africa. Support for economic development will be provided to small and medium enterprises at the district level. Targeted communities include Sekhukhune, Lejweleputswa, West Rand, Nkangala, Waterberg and Bojanala. The total budget for this project is $1.8 million to be funded by the African Development Bank. Competitive Scope: The project is expected to begin on 22 April 2016. Services in economic development, trade and skills development may be procured in the duration of this project, along with construction services for related infrastructure.

Ebola Sector Budget Support: Fight Back Program In Liberia
Deadline: Ongoing

The expected results of the proposed operation are as follows:

  • Systems and Human Resources: the end of the epidemic within six to nine months, thereby contributing to preserve beneficiary countries’ economic growth and poverty reduction trajectories.
  • Nutrition and Food Security: Interim guidelines will be elaborated, endorsed by the Ministries of health and effectively used. Social Protection: Provision of a support mechanism for early economic and social response in crises so that economic losses are prevented or kept at minimum and households are empowered to fight back from such losses.

The objective of the project is to stop the transmission of Ebola and prevent its spread. The program will ensure that safety measures are embedded in the Ebola response program to reduce the risk of transmission to women. The engagement of civil society groups promoted by the program will be essential to reach and mobilize women in communities. In order to reduce the risk of transmission among women working as frontline health workers, beneficiary governments will be encouraged to invest in training for nurses and female health workers to include barrier-nursing methods which have been found to be effective in previous Ebola outbreaks. Barrier-nursing involves adoption of strict infection control practices including use of protective gear at all times while caring for patients suffering from highly contagious life-threatening diseases.

Other measures include:

  • Community checkpoints
  • Economic adoption of the affected households
  • Group life insurance and safety nets

The total budget for this project is $144 million to be funded by the African Development Bank. The Liberian Ministry of Finance will serve as the implementing agency for this project.
Competitive Scope: The project is currently ongoing. Goods and services relating to health, institutional development and capacity building may be procured in the duration of this project. Construction services for related infrastructure may likewise be procured.

Development Innovation Ventures
Deadline: Ongoing

Development Innovation Ventures aims to find and support breakthrough solutions to the world’s most important development challenges—interventions with the power to change millions of lives at a fraction of the usual cost. Through this grant program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), DIV invests in these game-changing ideas, rigorously tests them using cutting-edge analytical methods, and scales solutions that prove they work. Step 1: Read DIV’s Annual Program Statement (APS) and What We Look For, which extensively describes DIV’s evaluation criteria. Only applicants that demonstrate a full understanding of DIV’s evaluation criteria will be considered for funding.

Oak Foundation
Deadline: No Deadline

The Oak Foundation accepts applications from organizations around the world that are working in the fields below. Minimum grant request for projects can be USD 25,000. Oak Foundation accepts letters of enquiry year round. It generally takes two months to nine months from submission of an enquiry to get final approval. Letters of enquiry can be submitted for funding for the following areas:

    • Child Abuse
    • Environment
    • Housing and Homelessness
    • International Human Rights
    • Issues Affecting Women
    • Climate Change


Anne Frank Fonds: Seeking Projects to Build Peace around the World
Deadline: Ongoing

The Anne Frank Fonds invites eligible organizations for funding projects intended to maintain and build peace between people worldwide. The Fonds aims to contribute to better understanding between religions, to serve the cause of peace between people, and to encourage international contacts between the young.

Environmental Research and Education Foundation
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $500,000 will be awarded for research projects related to sustainable solid waste management practice.

The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation
Deadline: Ongoing

The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation is currently accepting concept notes for its first round of 2017 Grants. Non-profit organizations in the developing countries that are focusing in one of the three fields – conservation, food and health are invited to apply.

Humanitarian Innovation Fund: Innovation to Help People in Crises
Deadline: Multiple
All Countries

ELRHA is inviting applicants through its 10th Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) call for applications. It supports organizations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative and scalable solutions to the challenges facing effective humanitarian assistance.

Mental Health Initiative Grants of the Open Society Foundations
Deadline: None

Location: Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union Countries
The Open Society Public Health Program of the Open Society Foundations invites grant applications from the projects that stimulate the reform of national health, social welfare, education, and employment policies. The initiative’s funding strategy is geared toward the sustainable development of quality community-based alternatives to institutionalization for people with intellectual disabilities or mental health problems and toward the development of government policies that promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities. Accordingly, the initiative provides funding to organizations that focus on community-living, deinstitutionalization, and prevention of institutionalization.

Echoing Green
A successful Echoing Green Fellowship applicant not only presents solutions to social challenges in their communities, but also explains why they have what it takes to create big, bold change.

Remember, the 2017 Echoing Green Fellowship application opens on Tuesday, September 27, 2016! Make sure you visit our Apply Page for the latest updates on our application. We will also host a Facebook Live Q&A on Wednesday, September 21 at 4:00 PM ET with Echoing Green Fellows and Deputy Director of Search and Selection, Camila Pazos. Tune in to learn more about completing an application!

Request for Proposals – project against gender-based violence in South Asia
Deadline 1 February 2017

The C&A Foundation have a new initiative with the Global Fund for Women and Gender at Work to eradicate gender-based violence and empower women garment workers in South Asia — specifically, major apparel sourcing countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, and Vietnam. C&A Foundation will invest 1.5 Million Euro for a multi-year learning collaborative with women’s rights organizations to advance gender justice in the apparel industry. The initiative will support women garment workers to learn about their rights, realize their own power to secure these rights, and become leaders to create systemic change, which is critical to preventing violence. The Request for Proposals is now open and accepting applications through February 1, 2017. Initial grants will be awarded to initiative partners in June 2017. More information can be found at: https://www.globalfundforwomen.org/ending-violence-against-women-in-garment-industry/#.WHUajlMrLIV

Right Livelihood Award
Deadline: 1 March 2017

The Right Livelihood Award has no categories. It is recognized that in striving to meet the human challenges of today’s world, the most inspiring and remarkable work often defies any standard classification. It honors and supports those “offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today”.

UN Voluntary Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery
Deadline: 1 March 2017

The Fund was established by the General Assembly in 1991 to provide, through established channels of assistance, humanitarian, legal and financial aid to individuals who are victims of contemporary forms of slavery.

The Fund focuses particularly on individuals who suffer from the most severe forms of human rights violations occurring in the context of slavery, as well as the most identifiable contemporary forms of slavery – chattel slavery, debt bondage, human trafficking, serfdom, child labour and servitude, forced labour, and/or forced marriage. The distinctive value of the Fund is its ability to provide concrete assistance to the victims of contemporary forms of slavery including housing, legal aid, psycho-social support, food, medical care, training and sustainable sources of incomes.

Open Society Fellowship
Deadline: 1 March 2017

The current application round of the Open Society Fellowship invites proposals relevant to the following propositions: Human rights are under siege everywhere. Why? Those who carry out human rights analysis and reporting have been seduced by legal frameworks and largely ignore imbalances of power that lead to rights violations.

Political leaders increasingly play on fears that human rights are a Trojan Horse, threatening societies by promising rights to dangerous “others.” These statements are intended as a provocation—to stimulate productive controversy and debate—and do not necessarily represent the views of the Open Society Foundations. Those interested in the fellowship should first download and review the complete fellowship guidelines. To apply, submit letters of inquiry here. The deadline to submit letters of inquiry on these statements is March 1, 2017, with responses to applicants by March 24, 2017.